Sunday, June 27, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

The last 365 days have been the most insane in our life. Haven has had many ups and downs and spent half her year in isolation.

We are happy to say a year later I never would've expected how much she could change!

June 26, 2009 - Haven has surgery to receive her 2nd port line (6th surgery) and is admitted in to the isolation wing of the in-patient pediatric oncology wing of Hopkins.

June 27, 2009 - Haven begins the first dose of Hi CY treatment. We spend many months of agonizing tape allergic reactions. We definitely didn't enjoy the 2nd port line and really didn't like flushing and cleaning it daily. Haven made it through with a smile.
August 2009 - Haven signs her paperwork with her anesthesiologist to undergo surgery again - this time to remove the 2nd port line!

October 2009 - Haven begins a high dose round of Dexamethasone. Though we thought losing her hair would completely upset her she actually loved her "littles".

Today - one year later - we celebrated at Bob Evan's with Chocolate pancakes. Minus front tooth! :) Oh and lots of curly cues for hair!

Her cousins from CA arrived and she played all day with Kristanna and Selena. She was so excited and actually wanted to go to Grandma's and play.

I'm telling you they played all day - from 11 am until 8:15 pm. Haven has changed so much over the past year and after seeing the results I wouldn't make a change to our decision - knowing what I know now! She is awesome!

Not to mention we also adopted baby Deez last year after she was released from the hospital. They have become best friends. :)

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  1. Dear Misty,

    It's so wonderful to read what a change there has been in Miss Haven. It doesn't seem like it's been a year!

    Please tell her and Deez that I said hello to them and that I wish them a great week and a fun 4th of July.

    With caring prayers,