Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hubby needs a break

So last Thursday - V Day - I felt as though my hubby needed a break from the crazy week of being with Haven on his own 80% of each day and wanted to send him away to relax. His mom sent me a text that she and Simon would be heading to Michigan for Grandma's 86th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! My brain went crazy - he hasn't gone away for an extended amount of time since December....he needs to go! He needs the break and I needed one on one time with my baby girl. So I sent him off to Michigan for the weekend and in usual fashion. I have this insanity thing that happens to me everytime he takes a vacation or I make him go....I change something. Now usually it's just my hair or I go shopping a lot....this time....I painted the house!

My bathroom was this aztec pink color (I picked but soon hated) and so I changed that to a tan brown. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

My office was pure white...but then I started falling in love with this art I found on the internet and bought some of it. I have had it for about a month and have wanted to paint my room purple. WHY? Temporary insanity. It has turned in to a bigger project than anticipated but thought I'd share some pictures.

Haven also has been begging for HOT PINK in her room - currently her walls are light pink. So I bought her some hot pink to decorate her room. Those are soon to come. Enjoy!

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